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Affiliate Marketing Policy

Affiliate Marketing Policy

Thank you for your interest in reading our Affiliate Marketing Policy.

We have developed this policy to apply to all persons wishing to commission marketing through the platform, and this policy defines all rights and obligations, so please read it carefully.

First: tariffs

In this Agreement, and unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated. "Site" or "Souk Okaz" or "we" or "the first person" or "the possessive pronoun" refers to the site (Souq Okaz):

“The delegate, mediator, or provider” refers to every natural or legal person, legal agent, or anyone who uses his account, who displays and promotes the site’s codes and has been approved to join the commission system.

“Buyer” refers to any natural or legal person   Who wants to buy the products offered for sale on the Souk Okaz website

“Affiliate Marketing” means the affiliate program of the Platform that is the subject of this Policy.

Second: the affiliate marketing process

  • Souk Okaz gives delegates commissions for every purchase made using the code assigned to each representative via the site after verifying the completion of the actual sale.

Third: Join the Affiliate Marketing Program

  • (1) The delegate must have a special platform to promote, either a social media account, a website, or a WhatsApp group.
  • (2) The delegate acknowledges that he has the full legal capacity necessary to engage in commission marketing operations, which means that the applicant’s age shall not be less than 18 years.
  • (3) The delegate must review and accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the platform “the Agreement”, in addition to accepting this policy and registering in the commission marketing system as evidence of his approval.
  • (4) You must fill out a complete and accurate application containing all your personal data, your payment data and all data entered under the responsibility of the representative.
  • (5) You must periodically update your personal page on the Platform whenever there is any change to it.
  • (6) Acceptance of sales operations with codes is subject to careful review. In the event that illegal methods are used or there is financial fraud, the site has the right to refuse any sale or close the representative’s account without prior warning according to its vision.


Fourth: commissions

  • (1) The representative shall be entitled to a fixed commission, which will be determined later with the consent of both parties, from the value of each sale made using the site’s bug code. The delegate's use of the code indicates his approval of the agreed-upon ratios.
  • (2) The representative shall receive the commission due to him in the event that the sale process becomes final, irreversible, and the representative is obligated to return the commission in the event that the sale process is canceled for any reason or he is deducted from his balance.
  • (3) The commission to which the representative is entitled includes all government taxes, value-added tax, and any other government fees charged on sales.
  • (4) Commissions are paid to the representative within 15 days from the date of the request to withdraw the balance, provided that it exceeds or equals 100 riyals or more

  • Through a bank transfer to the account of the registrant.

  • (5) The platform reserves the right to recalculate the commissions that have been disbursed to a representative, and the representative is obligated to refund any excess commissions he may have obtained from the site.
  • (6) The delegate’s acceptance of the commission paid to him by the platform is considered a final acceptance by him of his dues and a final settlement of his balance for the sale process, and he has no right to dispute with us thereafter.
  • (7) In the event that the representative objects to the commission that has been paid to him, he must object within 24 hours from the time of transferring the dues to him, stating the reasons for the objection. In this case, the platform will review the sales operations and match them with the commissions that were paid to the representative
  • (8) The payment of commissions to delegates may be delayed for the purposes of investigating transactions, verifying sales, or for the purposes of the cancellation policy or return policy stipulated in the terms and conditions.
  • (9) The platform may not pay the commission to the representative if we are certain that there is an illegal violation or that is based on fraud or fraud, or that violates our terms and conditions, or that violates the provisions of this policy.
  • (10) The delegate undertakes to refund any amounts paid to him based on fraudulent or fraudulent transactions and to indemnify us for all costs, losses and damages caused to us as a result of such illegal transactions.

Fifth: Terms of the marketing process

  • (1) The broker must be committed in good faith in the marketing process, and not commit any acts that would deceive or defraud any of the buyers.
  • (2) The broker is obligated not to promote products through suspicious websites, false or misleading advertisements or directly or indirectly affecting buyers.
  • (3) The broker is obligated not to use the name of our company, our website, our electronic application, or any of our logos in suspicious marketing operations, or to indicate directly or indirectly that he represents us, and the broker must represent himself only, and act as an intermediary in accordance with the regulations and generally accepted terms.
  • (4) It is prohibited to promote our products through (pop-ups or spams) or to place our website, application or any of our logos in these messages or advertisements.
  • (5) It is prohibited for the broker to use any fraudulent or illegal methods in the marketing process of the site. We will take legal action if this is proven.

Sixth: Duration and Termination

  • (1) This Agreement shall be binding on the Broker as soon as the Affiliate Marketing Request is submitted through the Site, but this Agreement shall not be binding or enforceable with respect to us except with the approval of the request.
  • (2) Either party has the right to terminate the Agreement immediately without prior notice.
  • (3) If the broker terminates this agreement, his financial accounts with us will be liquidated after deducting any dues from him and transferred to him within 30 days from the date of your termination of the agreement.
  • (4) If the termination of this Agreement is decided by us, your account will be liquidated after deducting any dues from you and transferring the amounts due to you within 30 days from the date of termination.

Seventh: Adjustments

We have the right at any time to amend any of the terms of this policy, and in the event that you do not want to continue with us, you must not use the site and stop promoting the codes.

Eighth: Applicable Law and Judicial Authority

  • (1) This Agreement is governed by the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • (ii) Regardless of where you access the Website from, you agree that any legal action arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be brought and adjudicated solely before the courts located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that your consent is final, irrevocable and without Any limitation or condition on such exclusive jurisdiction and venue of such courts in respect of any claim or proceeding arising out of these Terms and Conditions.